World Setting

In the year 1253, King Henry III, in an attempt to curry favor with the Catholic Church, for assistance in dealing with growing unrest in Wales, declared an internal Crusade against the supernatural elements of England. Appealing directly to the Pope for aid in his Holy cause, he declared war on the supernatural and non-human elements of England’s population – Elves, Orcs, Dragons, Fae, anything that was not Human; And any human in possession of Magicks, not in service to the Christian God – And began a military genocide, which began as a purge of the major cities, and swiftly spread into the countryside around it.

Prince Llewelyn of Wales, in a bold countermove, declared that any and all Supernaturals were welcome to safe haven in Wales, as long as they were willing to lend themselves to defending it, in the conflict Prince Llewelyn felt was coming. The English army, with assistance from Papal Paladins and Inquisitors, blockaded the border of Wales, while squads of soldiers and Inquisitors roamed the land, seeking out and killing any ‘heretics’ they discovered there.

Wales is the only refuge for the beleagured Supernatural elements of England, regardless of what debts they may feel they owe the Crown and Country. The major cities are the epicenters of these purges, with the Papal-backed Army slowly spreading out from them, and carefully searching out every refuge of the supernatural, before burning them out, one by one, and killing or capturing any ‘heretics’.

Despite the border tension, and the occasional skirmishing, England and Wales are not yet properly at War – King Henry III refuses to declare war without Papal backing, as to do so would expose England to the threat of the French across the channel.

England is balanced precariously between peace and war, and the balance seems to be rapidly shifting, as unusual portents and prophecies begin to come true.

World Setting

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